Year 1

Year 1 Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter

Year 1 is an important year for your child; this is the year that children move from their early learning goals towards accessing the national curriculum and children are expected to make great leaps in their reading, writing and phonic ability.  In Year 1, the children will be introduced to a variety of interesting and engaging topics.





In English, we will be following the Read, Write, Inc phonics programme. Your child will be in smaller groups where reading, writing and building up confidence with sounds is the ultimate focus.


Children will be producing different styles of writing, for example, instructions, letters, character and setting descriptions. This will help the children become familiar with various texts and encourage them to gain a deeper understanding. Your children will also have handwriting sessions every day. This will help with letter formation and to develop your child’s cursive script, which is a main focus for the school.


Every Friday, we will use 'Big Writing' strategies to further support your child’s understanding of reading and writing.  Please click here for more information about English teaching and learning at St Joseph's.



Your child will continue to receive weekly spellings which are based on sounds that have been introduced and used in phonics lessons. These should be learnt at home as the children will be encouraged to use them in their writing. In addition, your child will receive nonsense words to prepare them for the phonics testing and to ensure they are confident readers.



Year 1 will be developing their mathematics knowledge with the aid of 'Maths Mastery'. This programme of learning has practical lessons to foster in-depth knowledge of key concepts including number, time, money, shape and space. We have sourced new materials and practical aids to complement the 'Maths Mastery' lessons.


We will be reinforcing the children's skills with particular attention on addition and subtraction. The children will be encouraged to apply these skills to real life situations through problem solving activities and investigations. Your children will be reviewing the important mathematical vocabulary for example, more, less, count on, count back, add, plus, subtract, equals to. The children will use a variety of practical resources (Dienes, cubes, bead strings, counters, etc.) so they can solve equations through hands on experiences. They will then be able to transfer those skills to write down the equations using numbers.


To support your child’s learning at home, daily practice of counting up to 100 and writing numbers in order will enable them to be more confident at school. Telling the time with your children and reviewing shapes around us at home can also support them with their mathematical skills. Please click here for more information about mathematics teaching and learning at St Joseph's.




In Science this year we are studying various topics such as; ‘Materials’, ‘Senses’ and ‘Plant Detectives’. During the topic, ‘Looking at animals’ we will be looking closely at different animal groups and how they are similar and different. We will be investigating features of various animals and also how vets take care of pets and wildlife.


Your child will be learning scientific vocabulary, such as, nocturnal, diurnal, carnivore, omnivore and herbivore. The children will be given the opportunity to take part in hands-on investigations which will enhance and deepen their learning and understanding. 


We will also be enjoying nature walks to support our whole year learning on the theme of 'Our Changing World'. This will teach the children the differences between each season and how the weather affects the nature around us. 


Please click here for more information about science teaching and learning at St Joseph's.


History/Geography Topic

In Topic this year we are studying various topics such as; ‘School Days’, ‘Get out of my Swamp’, ‘The Great Fire of London’ and ‘Poles Apart’. Throughout the topic ‘Toys' we will be learning about toys in the past and comparing them with modern toys to identify the similarities and differences. Children will also learn about toys from around the world and try to understand that different cultures have particular toys. Children will collect data about favourite toys within their class and will produce bar graphs to show this.


Physical Education

Year 1 will develop and learn new skills in units such as; dance, athletics (javelin, sprinting, hurdles and long jump) and will also have tennis lessons taught by the class teacher and the PE Specialist.


Computer Science

During Year 1, the children will use laptops once a week to further develop their skills. Children will be able to recall the parts of the computer and will be independently able to log on and log off. In Computer Science lessons, we will start to explore the concept of programming and how this creates and constructs different games and robots.  Please click here for more information about science teaching and learning at St Joseph's.


Religious Education

Children will be learning many religious stories throughout each topic. We will discuss how bible stories can link with our own lives and how we can use the stories to learn how to follow in Christ’s footsteps. The children will cover a range of topics, for example, ‘Beginning with God’, ‘Advent to Christmas’ and ‘People of Prayer’. The children will be able to retell stories from the Old and New Testament, such as, the Nativity story, the Exodus story, the Ascension and the Pentecost story.


At St Joseph’s we create an environment that encourages your children to play and work together following our mission statement. Therefore, we will continue to hold quiet reflections where children can be at one with God and learn to respect and value their faith. During his weekly visits to the school, our Parish Priest supports the learning on the current Religious Education theme.


Homework & Revision

During this academic year your children will have homework each week.  This is intended to help them consolidate the learning that takes place during lesson time and will be mostly based on mathematics, spelling, reading and Religious Education. It is important then that you allow your child time at home to complete these tasks and where you can, talk to them to ensure they understand the importance of them.


We also have a high regard at school for reading books.  All children have the opportunity to take a reading book home so please ensure that your child reads as much as they can.  One way of ensuring this is to get your child to read out loud to you each evening or on the weekend.


Please ensure your child is bringing their book bag every day to school, therefore homework will be completed and handed in on time and also important newsletters and school updates will be shared.


Please click on the links below to access learning resources which will complement the current teaching and learning in Year 1. If you require any other support or have any questions regarding our Curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher via the school office to arrange an appointment.


The Year 1 Team -  Ms Foley, Ms Karvela and Mr Noble


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