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Year 2 Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter

This term, the children in Year 2 are about to experience some new exciting topics, alongside developing all the skills required to achieve outstanding learning.



In English we are following a programme called Literacy and Language, which is linked to the Read, Write, Inc programme the children experienced last year. Children cover topics such as ‘Fairy tales’, ‘Stories with familiar settings’, ‘Poetry’ and ‘Play-scripts’. The programme helps the children build up to a final writing piece, through role play, mimes and freeze frames. The children become increasingly familiar with features of different genres of writing, for example, letters, diary entries and instructions. We are learning more about using different types of sentences and punctuation to suit various genres of writing. Children will be encouraged to use statements, commands, exclamations and questions to write for different purposes. The children will learn a range of poems off by heart, they will express their views and finally compose poems to perform. We will be working extremely hard on using more interesting vocabulary and exciting language to bring our writing to a higher level. Each week, we will complete an extended piece of writing for Big Writing. Children should prepare for this by discussing their talk homework with an adult at home so they have many ideas for the lesson. Please click here for more information about English teaching and learning at St Joseph's.



Read Write Inc Phonics:

Some children continue to have a session with the trained team to ensure they develop confidence to use their ‘Fred sounds’ to tackle new words in their reading. The remainder of the children work in the classroom using groups of phonemes to support their reading of unfamiliar words.



The children will continue to get weekly spellings, with a specific phonic pattern or spelling rule to learn at home, which should then be evident in their writing and also impact on their reading. The spellings are planned carefully and specifically with the expectations of the year group. Children now have a daily spelling session where they learn important spelling rules to use throughout their writing. They use prior knowledge of phonics to decode words, revise common exception words and learn how to change root words when we add suffixes.



Everyday there is a focus on developing the cursive script throughout every writing piece across the curriculum. The whole school follows the same programme so that each year group is consistent. Many children are now taking great pride in presenting the cursive writing style in much of their work and some will continue to have some extra sessions to ensure their style becomes more fluent.



In Mathematics we will continue to develop our knowledge of the CPA model to embed our familiarity with numbers. There is an important focus on all mathematical operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Furthermore, we will extend previous learning about time, measures and weight, fractions and collecting and using data. Children are working hard to recite and recall their times tables in any order. They should also practise at home so they become accurate and fluent with their 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. Children will take part in various investigations and practical work to solve problems. They will be encouraged to use mathematical vocabulary to reason and explain their answers. Please click here for more information about Mathematics teaching and learning at St Joseph's.



Throughout Year 2, children cover a range of topics; ‘Growing Plants’, ‘Super Scientists’, ‘The Secret World of Plants’ and ‘Living in Habitats’. In the topic ‘Exploring Everyday Materials’, they will explore the properties of materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, glass and fabric, through a variety of fun activities. The children will begin to think about the purpose of familiar objects and why they are made out of particular materials. In the topic ‘Growth and Survival’ we will help the children understand what animals, including humans, need in order to grow, thrive and survive. They will explore the life cycles of various animals and investigate how young develop into adults, looking specifically at what humans need to live a healthy life. We will continue to observe changes in the seasons and report on how this impacts the natural environments around us. Please click here for more information about Science teaching and learning at St Joseph's.



During Year 2, children will become immersed with a range of topics for History, such as, ‘Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot’ where the children will learn why Bonfire Night is celebrated and why lots of the English didn't like King James I. The topic ‘Florence Nightingale’ will teach the children about her remarkable life as they journey through lessons about her youth, her famous voyage to Scutari and the work she did there, as well as the work she did in her later years to improve nursing and hospital care. The topic on ‘Seaside Holidays’ investigates what we like about seaside holidays today and then goes on to take a look back to why and how seaside holidays became popular in the 19th century and how they have changed since.



Throughout the topic on ‘My World and Me’ the children will understand where the seven continents of the world are and how their proximity to the equator or the poles affects their climate. During the topic ‘The Farm’ the children will find out about arable, livestock and dairy farms and the difference between them, before taking a closer look at a fictional farm that does a little of everything! They will learn about the features of a farm and use a map to navigate around a farm, as well as thinking about the differences between life in the country and life in a busy town. In the topic ‘Let’s Go on Safari’ the children will join explorers as they visit Kenya and meet the people, wildlife and landscapes. They will learn where Kenya is on a map and undertake a variety of fun activities to help them learn more about Kenya and compare it to the UK.


Art and DT

The children will cover topics in Art and Design and Technology such as, ‘Sparks and Flames’, ‘Homes’, Portraits’, Animal Art’, ‘Andy Goldsworthy’ and African Art’.


Physical Education

The children will have 2 hourly sessions of PE with the class teacher and the PE Specialist. The children will develop their skills in dribbling and kicking the ball, gymnastics, tennis, games, athletics and dance.


Computer Science

This year the children will be learning to instruct programmable toys and spaceships, and will also use software programs like 'Scratch'. Throughout the 'We are Astronauts' topic, the children will learn appropriate instructional language and symbols and use these to create pathways and algorithms. They will follow given sets of instructions then extend to writing their own set of instructions. This will link to other topics where they will be games testers, photographers, researchers, detectives and zoologists. The children will develop their skills of using hyperlinks, copying and pasting images and organising digital content. Please click here for more information about Computer Science teaching and learning at St Joseph's.


Religious Education

Children will be learning many religious stories throughout each topic; they will explore the bible using references so they can build up confidence to find books of the bible and also specific stories. We will discuss how bible stories can link with our own lives and how we can use the stories to learn how to follow in Christ’s footsteps. The children will be encouraged to discuss aspects in pairs and then share their ideas and thoughts with the class, developing their questioning skills. Regular prayer sessions will continue to encourage the children to develop deeper reflection and responsibility. During his weekly visits to the school, our Parish Priest supports the learning on the current Religious Education theme.


Home learning & Revision

The children will continue to be encouraged to read each evening for 20 minutes with an adult who supports by helping with tricky words but most importantly by talking about the text to ensure understanding. The spelling list will continue to be brought home on Monday so the children can practise a few words each night to be tested on the Friday. Talk homework will also be handed out on Monday so the children can prepare for their Big Writing task on Thursday. On Wednesday, the children will be set a Mathematics task which links to their current learning. Tasks will also be set up on MyMaths on a Wednesday which will be online and will also be linked to the topic we are covering in class. On Friday, children will receive Religious Education activities and also an English based activity.


Please click on the links below to access learning resources which will complement the current teaching and learning in Year 2. If you require any other support or have any questions regarding the Curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher via the school office to arrange an appointment.

The Year 2 Team - Ms Sweeney and Mr Hutton


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