Year 5

Year 5 Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter

In Year 5, the children begin their two years in upper Key Stage 2. We build upon and develop the skills and knowledge already established in the lower key stages. The pupils are encouraged to work towards greater independence in their learning and become more aware of their responsibilities towards their own progress.


Religious Education

St Joseph’s School is first and foremost a Roman Catholic school and our faith underpins all that we teach and learn. We always pray together at the start and end of the school day, as well as at various times during the day. During his weekly visits to the school, our Parish Priest supports the learning on the current Religious Education theme.

The children will be learning about the liturgical calendar, order of Mass, Vestments, liturgical colours, prayers during Mass and the Rosary. Please support your child in developing his/her personal faith journey through the homework assignments set, and in using the Rosary and Mass books during Mass.


English covers all aspects of speaking and listening, reading and writing. We use a variety of children’s books – fiction, non-fiction and poetry - to develop skills in persuasive writing, recount, myths and legends, explanation texts, descriptions, character studies and visual literacy. Emphasis is placed on accurate grammar, punctuation and handwriting. Children are encouraged to learn spelling rules and patterns which are practiced weekly. Daily independent and guided reading is a whole school focus. The children also have a weekly library session in the well-stocked school library. Please click here for more information about English teaching and learning at St Joseph's.


We encourage children to build up mental mathematics speed and accuracy through regular practice using a variety of methods. Children are expected to know all multiplication and division to 12 and be proficient in mental addition and subtraction. By Year 5 all pupils should telling the time using analogue and digital formats. Mathematics is divided into five main areas. Each term we revisit these five areas, allowing the children to build on their prior knowledge. The five areas are:

• Counting, partitioning and calculating

• Fractions, decimals and percentages

• Handling data and measures

• Calculating, measuring and understanding shape

• Securing number facts, relationships and calculating.

 Please click here for more information about Mathematics teaching and learning at St Joseph's.


We explore and learn about our world through this subject. We cover a variety of topics in Year 5, including Viking Science; Properties and Changes of Materials; Earth and Space; Life Cycles; Changes in Reproduction and Forces in Action. A variety of resources are used to enhance this curriculum area, particularly practical investigations and interactive links. Please click here for more information about Science teaching and learning at St Joseph's.

History/Geography Topic

In Year 5, we follow a thematic approach to these areas of the curriculum. This half term we will be introducing a new topic called ‘The Vikings vs The Anglo-Saxons. We will be studying aspects of the Historical and cultural background of both these civilisations and their impact on Britain. Next half term, we will be studying the Geography of The United Kingdom, comprising of interesting facts such as where it is, to how Britain’s flag was created! Both of these topics will provide cross-curricular links to other subjects including English, Mathematics, Science and Computer Science.

Art, Design and Technology

This is closely linked with the History and Geography curriculum. The children regularly visit the National and Portrait Galleries in London. We use the galleries’ websites to study specific artists and art styles. Children use a variety of materials to create interesting pieces of art and sculpture based on their investigations. Design and Technology skills are developed through investigating ‘Great British Dishes’. We study recipes for our national traditional dishes and desserts and get to grips with some of the ingredients!

Computer Science

Computer Science encompasses all aspects of technology used in school, including computers. Children have weekly access to the suite of computers in the designated Computer Science room as well as being taught interactively in all class lessons. Pupils are able to enhance their subject knowledge using the Internet and specific educational software. They are also taught how to use programs including spreadsheets on Excel, graphics on Word and aspects of how Computer Science can be used to sequence and control external devices. Please click here for more information about Computer Science teaching and learning at St Joseph's.


In Year 5, pupils are taught by a specialist PE teacher as well as the class teachers. The range of sporting activities includes rugby, football, tennis, athletics, basketball, rounders, kwik kricket and dance. Children are often selected to represent the school at inter school tournaments and matches. Each class also participates in weekly swimming lessons for one term during the academic year.


In Year 5, pupils have a weekly music lesson with a specialist music teacher. Children participate in singing, improvisation, reading musical notation, creating rhythms and using a large selection of musical instruments.

Modern Foreign Language

French is taught throughout the school by a specialist teacher. Year 5 have a weekly lesson learning French songs, games, new vocabulary and role play. We celebrate Bastille day on 14 July with a host of French activities and games.


Written assignments are set three times per week and should take no longer than forty minutes to complete. Children should also be reading regularly at home from their school or class library book. Even in Year Five some pupils still need to have an adult read with them to encourage reading stamina and accurate understanding. In addition, children need to practice multiplication and division facts, number bonds and telling the time. These are essential life skills and require support from home as well as school.

Please click on the links below to access learning resources which will complement the current teaching and learning in Year 5. If you require any other support or have any questions regarding our Curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher via the school office to arrange an appointment. 

The Year 5 Team –  Mrs Hylton and Ms McNamee



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