St Joseph's History

We have been contacted by former pupils, parents and staff of St Joseph's to share their memories and photographs. We hope that you enjoy this glimpse of the history of St Joseph's.  If you have any comments or photographs you would like to share with others, please e-mail Mrs Studd at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 "I was at St.Joseph’s from about 1960 to 1967, schooled variously in Park Parade, The Hub, and eventually where you are now,  taught by some amazing teachers including Mother Marie Therese. It’s good to know it’s still thriving."   Maria Birch (nee Ronan)

"I can clearly recall the 'draw' that took place for the crowning in Wembley Stadium (1954) - I was number 4 - and I am on the right in the photo. The stadium was absolutely packed for the event, with people attending from throughout the land. Parishioners were invited to contribute jewellery to be melted down to make the crown for the statue and I recall that my mother gave my grandmother's wedding ring."   Monica Thurlow



1982 fhcfirst communion 1951st.josephs first communion 1963wembley stadium marian year 1954crowning 1 1951crowning 2 1951may queen and attendants 1963st.josephs school play 1964crowning 3 1951