School Uniform

Please click here for the School Uniform Policy

(Applicable to all pupils from Nursery to Year 6)

Most school uniform items can be purchased through the Ace Clothing Company online store. If you prefer, you may complete a paper form at the main reception desk.  However, we frequently offer special discounts on items which can only be purchased direct from the school.  Therefore, please check with our school office staff if we are running any special promotions before you make a purchase. Please also remember to refer to the School Uniform Policy.


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No jewellery is allowed in school, other than small, discrete plain gold or silver coloured round studs in pierced ears and a watch. Any child found wearing hooped earrings will be told to remove them and place the items in a sealed envelope. The Parent/Carer will be contacted and requested to collect the jewellery from the school office. This is a Health and Safety regulation. Full details are in the School Uniform Policy.


The school does not permit children to have haircuts that could serve as a distraction to others. Please do not send your child to school with extreme hair fashions including dyed hair, closely shaven hair and images/shapes cut into the hair or eyebrows. Boys with shoulder length or long hair must have it at one length. It is vital that if your child, whether they are a girl or boy, has shoulder length or long hair they must have it tied back. This is especially important for PE lessons.

If your child attends school with their hair loose they will be given an elastic band to tie hair up with. Children are permitted to wear either blue or black sensible hair accessories which should be discrete and not include extra decoration. This is a Health and Safety regulation.

The use of hair styling products including waxes, gels and mousses are not permitted as products can rub off on equipment (especially in PE) and pose a health and safety hazard.