Rewards and Sanctions

It is important that pupils are praised and rewarded as well as being disciplined. They should be clear as to what these rewards and sanctions are.


  • First and foremost, we register praise and encouragement in lessons and for homework.
  • Work is marked regularly and comments made so children understand the next steps to progress further.
  • Merits: These are given for very good classwork or homework.
  • Certificates are presented in assembly when students are recognised and praised for their hard work.
  • Displays – on notice boards and around the school.
  • Work sent to the Headteacher.
  • Achievements are celebrated in our weekly newsletter, St Joseph’s News, and may include recognition of success outside of school.


This is always the responsibility of the classroom teacher in the first instance. In serious cases it must be passed on to the Headteacher or the Deputy Headteacher. Sanctions which we use at St Joseph’s include:

  • Immediate correction
  • Detentions (e.g. for incomplete or no homework)
  • Making clear how the child has let parents, themselves and our School community down
  • Restart
  • Referral to Head/Deputy Head
  • Involvement of parents
  • Exclusion internally
  • Exclusion – external. Only the Headteacher can do this.

The House System

At St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School there are four houses; St George, St Patrick, St Andrew, and St David whose names reflect the Catholic ethos of the school.

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Each child is allocated a certain house and they can then earn house points for excellent work, polite manners, high standards of behaviour and general helpfulness around the school. Each week, house points are collected and totalled. During the Friday whole school assembly, the winning house is announced and at the end of the year the House with the most points are presented St. Joseph’s House cup of the year.

We believe that the House System allows for a positive contribution from each child and promotes a sense of belonging and self discipline.