Partnership with Parents

We place a very great emphasis on our relationships with parents. You have legitimate expectations of us to teach your children well and to a high standard, to keep them safe and secure; look after their welfare, and to keep you informed. We also have expectations of parents and remind you that in sending your child to St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School, you agree to support all our aims and policies.

We have always had wonderful support from our parents and this has been of untold benefit to our pupils. This partnership is reflected in parents’ prompt response to communications, help with monitoring pupils’ work, attendance at Parents’ Evening, financial contributions and voluntary work for the ‘Friends of St Joseph’s’. This support over time is a vital element of our stability and success as a school.

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Pupils must attend every day (unless there are exceptional circumstances such as sickness) and they must arrive at school on time. Children should not be taken on holidays in term time. Medical and other appointments should, if at all possible, be outside the normal school day. Pupils must be in correct uniform at all times.

Parents should check homework. If children are claiming not to have homework, you should check this with the school. Homework should be done in a measured way, and given in on time. You may find it a useful routine to check school bags every day for homework and other information from the school.

Reports are issued annually. Copies should be retained by parents and a check made for progress over time. Typically, we have over 95% attendance at our Academic Review meetings which are held, by appointment, every week after school.  Parents will be invited to an appointment every term (3 times a year) to meet with the class teacher to discuss their child's progress.

‘Friends of St Joseph’s’
We have an active parents association which we hope you will support. There is a committee who are elected annually and meet regularly to help and support the school and organise fund raising events e.g. activities, socials, etc.

We are delighted to be able to use parent helpers in the school – so if you have any special talents or just a few hours a week to spare, please let the Headteacher know.

Parents can be a tremendous help – joining in activities such as art and handiwork, Science and Technology, games, sewing, singing, mounting work (especially wall displays), mending books and apparatus. Dads and grandparents are just as welcome as mums. It is, however, school policy that parent helpers be attached to classes where they do not have children of their own, unless the circumstances are very exceptional.

Home - School Agreement

When a child has been allocated a place at St Joseph's, the child and parents are required to read and sign the Home - School Agreement. This document lists our responsibilities and expectations so we can work in co-operation to secure the best outcomes for our children.