Extended School


The school currently offers 15 extra curricular activity clubs to pupils from Years 1 to 6. Clubs run from 3.30pm to 4.30pm and are held on the school premises. All clubs are run by specialist teachers or coaches with expertise in that particular area.

This academic year, we are planning to offer the following after school activities:

Art, Gaelic Sports, Dance, French, Irish Dancing, Computer Science, Multi-Sports, Science, Crafts and Film Club

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  • Art (Natalia) : I like to draw and art club lets me do this. We painted a monster and it was very scary!!!
  • Dance club (Lesley): I enjoy the music and the freedom I have to dance.
  • Science (Kieran): I like experiments and we got to make slime and investigate if different objects float or sink.
  • Crafts Club (Shauna): You get the opportunity to make fun things. Lauren and I have made a multi-coloured peace sign and we are currently working on our next project, but its top secret.
  • Football Club (Diego): I enjoy practicing skills and then getting the chance to use them in a match situation.
  • ICT Club (Jericka): You get the chance to learn about new programs. I then can show my friends in class how to use the software.
  • Film Club (Diego): I get the chance to see new films with my friends.


Our school has a tradition of sporting prowess and success has continued in many areas, notably Football, Netball and Athletics. Regular inter-school matches engender a spirit of healthy competition and fair play and helps personal development and fitness.


All pupils have music lessons in their curriculum, but in addition to this, individual lessons can be arranged with our Music tutor for an extra charge. These lessons include keyboard, violin and guitar. There are also opportunities to join the orchestra, steel drum band, the chamber choir and the Gospel choir.

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The Library is open every day. The reference section provides resources for homework and research.



The ICT Suite has facilities available for extension work for pupils during school time. Students tend to use the computers to support their classwork, homework and topic work.



In the Autumn Term – this involves preparing the school Christmas Musical. A range of Theatre Production visits are offered across Key Stage 2. In the Summer Term Year 6 participate in the Annual Musical Production.



Breakfast Club is available Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 8.55am. Contact the Reception Desk for details.


After School Club runs Monday to Friday from 3.15pm to 5.30pm. Children are supervised doing their homework and playing both inside and outside. They are also given a light snack. Contact the Reception Desk for details.


St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School has an active school council with representatives from each class group meeting regularly and pupils’ issues being discussed. Their findings are addressed with a termly meeting with the Headteacher.