Science Curriculum Map 2018-19

At St Joseph’s we invest significant time and resources into preparing enjoyable and engaging lessons for our children to take part in. We value the importance of nurturing a natural curiosity amongst the pupils to enable them to develop their scientific knowledge, therefore children are encouraged to investigate possible hypothesis; they explore answers to these themselves instead of simply being told them. It is common place to see children completely applied and engaged, and striving to answer these questions.






St. Joseph’s follows the Snap Science syllabus. It is a dynamic, comprehensive programme, packed with inspirational resources, designed to help us deliver outstanding science throughout our school. It provides clear progression within the “big ideas in science” which is clearly visible within each topic and each module. It allows us to make challenging concepts meaningful for pupils with guidance and support throughout each year group. Children are assessed regularly at the end of each topic.


Children are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning, and this is evident when pupils are encouraged to contribute what they would like to learn and how we can set about doing this. Science equipment is routinely audited in order to ensure we have the best appropriate resources for our children.


The pupils took part in National Science Week which took place in March. This was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils at St. Joseph’s to showcase their talents in Science. The pupils covered various areas of the Science Curriculum which included: Apprentice Gardeners; Light and Dark; States of Matter; Materials and many more. They took part in a poster competition where they depicted what Science means to them as well as practical experiments where they investigated and explored their topics in great detail.