Curriculum Overview

Teachers are committed to ensuring each pupil fully develops their knowledge, skills and understanding, so that they are able to meet the high expectations set.

Our challenging curriculum starts with building firm foundations in English and Mathematics which is taught within the Catholic ethos of the school. This means that pupils will find other areas of the curriculum more accessible and relevant. Prioritising depth of knowledge in both English and Mathematics ensures academic success.

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We dedicate a significant proportion of the schools timetable to Reading, Writing and Mathematics to promote a love of reading, to develop fluent communication and to build confidence in mathematical skills.

The curriculum is demanding, challenging and rigorous. Pupils will learn good habits of work, develop their intellectual, moral and spiritual skills to emerge as well-educated, responsible and Catholic citizens ready for further education and future careers.

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Excellent teaching: A teacher is the most important factor affecting pupil achievement. We employ and grow outstanding teachers; those who are passionate about learning and pass their enthusiasm on to our children, inspiring them to develop a love of learning and become life-long learners.

We work side by side with our teaching staff to ensure excellent teaching and support them with exceptional training and development.To ensure no child is left behind, we have developed data management tools which allow teachers to monitor pupils’ progress and quickly identify when children, or indeed teaching staff, need extra support.


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Educational Curriculum Visits

Educational curriculum visits, full day or 1/2 day outings, are arranged during the school year. They are a positive part of the curriculum and are centred upon topics covered and have a strong educational content.

Visits are also valuable opportunities for personal and social education and will be used to fully develop children’s awareness of self, of others and of the world around them. School uniform will be worn unless unsuitable for the particular activity.

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Before each outing involving transport parents will receive a letter from the school giving all relevant details and are asked to complete a consent form. Without the consent form a child is unable to participate in the educational visit. During the year, children sometimes go on local walks or to the park as part of their lessons. Agreement to such excursions is given by way of a general permission slip which parents sign once a year.