Catholic Life of School

Diocesan Inspection Report 2016

St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School is a community where the spiritual, cultural and personal worlds within which we live are harmonised to form the roots from which grow our values, motivation, aspirations and the moral imperatives that inform our choices and actions as persons. When pupils join our school they become part of this community. Every day starts with an Act of Worship, we give thanks before lunch and we end the day with a prayer. We believe that Christ is at the centre of all we do img 3984

and therefore we offer each child a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum of the highest standard to meet their spiritual, emotional, moral, intellectual and physical needs and to prepare them for the responsibilities of adult life.

The programme of Religious Education we follow is in line with the Catholic Directory as specified by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales. Religious Education is taught to all children in the school for two and a half hours per week and is considered central to the whole school curriculum. We follow key teachings from Catholic traditions that are taken from the RECD (Religious Education Curriculum Directory). Through this directory, the children are taught the basics of Catholic faith and morality, with constant reference to their own life experience.

We have excellent links with our parish church, The Shrine Of Our Lady Of Willesden, with the parish priest making weekly visits to the school as part of our pastoral programme. The school attends mass at The Shrine Of Our Lady Of Willesden on special occasions including Christmas and on St Joseph’s Feast Day. The parish priest also celebrates mass at the school throughout the year including the celebration service for those who have recently made their First Holy Communion

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