About Us

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Our school is first and foremost a Catholic school and it is in this Catholicity that the school finds its identity. We promote the Gospel values and aim to foster a Christian environment in which the love of God is present and allows all members of our community to grow spiritually.

We hope that that the children will learn how to live according to the teachings of Jesus and the good news of the Gospel. In order to achieve this, we seek the support of parents and carers by asking them to show by word and example that they too consider the practice of our faith to be of central importance.

We aim to provide a stimulating learning environment in which each child can fulfil his or her academic potential. Appropriate provision will also be made for the moral, emotional, physical intellectual and special needs of our children at each stage in their development.

We prepare our pupils to take their place in today’s multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society, mindful of the needs of others at home and in the world around us.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, incorporating the National Curriculum, aimed at developing confident learners with enquiring minds.

We believe in a partnership between home and school and actively encourage parental involvement. A home-school agreement will be sent by Governors after any offer of a place has been made.